Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Out Of Bodies - Stripped... Naked

Well, since people have been begging for some "NEW" Out Of Bodies content on this website I have decided to oblige the masses by going back into the OOB vaults, once again, and dig real deep... What I've come up with this time is something I've found from as way back as 28 years ago! Hence the quotation marks around the word "NEW"! - - It's hardly new, but it's new to YOU folks!

Also mixed in there were a few audio snippets found randomly, which were recorded - more or less - around those same years... and then it hit me... Where have I heard something like this before? Aha! I know, there's a Beatles CD I have called "Let It Be... Naked" which is a 2003 remixed and remastered version of their 1970 "Let It Be". When this CD came out it included a bonus disc called "Fly On The Wall" - which contained candid spoken dialogue among the group and additional song excerpts. So THIS is, if you can just stretch your imagination for a few moments, the Out Of Bodies version of that similar concept... The Out Of Bodies raw... no overdubs, no rehearsing, not even a single lyric sheet... just one big improvised mess!! (Wait a minute, did I just say mess out loud?)

When Dan heard it he wrote me "That was fun, so many gems that we done, it's unbelievable, that "I Call Your Name" Bones-style was really good! I'm adding this to my youtube channel, give us more, give us more, Ha Ha!!!"

And so I DO plan on making more of these... there's always plenty of these little Out Of Bodies surprises lying around the bottom of the barrel! Stay tuned - - and enjoy!!

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  1. "when Joey slaps his knee while singing, it really cream's my corn" .......Gwen Foster