Saturday, December 17, 2016

Addicted to Popeye - remembering the Adventurer's Inn Video Arcade!

We've mentioned Adventurer's Inn on this website many times... we've shared our memories, told stories of both wonders and horrors, but this video may be our most ambitious endeavor yet - highlighting the singular most addictive video game within the arcade which drew us in like zombies to an all-the-brains-you-can-eat buffet... the Popeye game!!

I took the song I had dug up a couple of years back - out of the archives, and finally got around to doing with it what I had wanted to do for a while now - and that was to add video and lyrics and share it with our legions of hungry fans... who are mostly just a handful of relatives and friends, and the occasional internet straggler who wandered into here by accident...

But anyway - here it is!! If you've ever been lucky enough to have known this almost magical, quite surreal place we remember as the Adventurer's Inn Video Arcade - you will get a particular kick out of this and perhaps even sympathize with our crippling Popeye addiction!! ENJOY!!!