Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Video added! B1 Bomber!

This new year has (so far) brought not one, but TWO new video additions for you to enjoy!... last week's Origin Of Ka Ka Cat, and today - a week later, B1-Bomber - an early Out Of Bodies song of Dan's! When Dan first saw it he was quick to note the in-joke that starts off the video - a brief, limited-animation segment pointing out Dan's mispronunciation of Russia's "Moscow"... Dan accidentally fumbles the intro and says "This is B1-Bomber heading for Bosco!" (Yep... the delicious chocolate syrup) and Bosco the Bear's eyes dart nervously about the room as if to say "Did he just say what I thought he said?" It's quick - and not too many people will get it - but I just had to throw it in there...

Dan responded, "Oh man , I'm on the floor laughing, the video, lyrics, footage and the added sound efx' makes this just the best, Ha Ha !!! Great job Donald. One more thing, in the very beginning I meant to say the words "Moscow" but got nervous on the mike and blurted out B first so it came out Bosco ...but I tried to change it quickly to Moscow, Ha Ha!, true. You brought back memories of when I did my first early 4-track songs, I kept getting nervous on the mike worrying about the record button and me forgetting my lines when singing! After a while I said to myself, "what the hell you got to be nervous about? You're recording in your room on a cheap machine and there's nobody here!!" That's when I started to relax and didn't give a crap, Ha Ha!!!"

The clip's Facebook debut was prefaced with the tongue-in-cheek disclaimer "Play loud!! Just make sure the kids, your boss, and anyone else offended by the f-word aren't within earshot - as this song contains a bit of that... it's a catchy tune though, you will find yourself humming it at inappropriate times!" Also included was a shout-out to The Royd's "I should add I got the idea for the lyric treatment from the Royd's - a much classier video!"


Still unexplained after all these years is WHO is it supposed to be who's saying "I think we F@#&ed up"? The guy DROPPING the bomb or the unfortunate RECEIVERS of the bomb below? And at the end it changes from "we" to "I" think I F@#&ed up... who's the "I"? Well, like most of Dan's songs - it's the lyrical ambiguity that only adds, not detracts, from the song's charm. Add that to the many unanswered questions... "who's Jacob Shotwell?"... "was Wendy in Wendy Will Die a real person?"... "who's telling who to back away in Just Back Away, and why?"... "The Son Will Come sounds like a dialogue between father and son - was it actual advice?"... We may never know.

Anyway, folks - enjoy the video!!

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