Friday, April 29, 2011

Drop in and say hello!

All that remains of the OLD old band website. May it rest in pieces.
Whether you're old friends, new friends, mild acquaintances or just wandered in here accidentally - - I'm curious to hear what you think - - so got questions, inquires, opinions, grudges, irreversible psychological problems, here's where you can leave your comments. Just click where it says "comments" below - you'll see what others have left and a box to add your own. We suggest if you don't belong to any of the profiles listed you choose "Name/URL". You don't have to have a URL - that's optional and you can leave that blank.

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  1. Hello?? Uhh, Is This thing on?? check 1-2...1-2..

  2. Mrs Torriello across the streetMay 3, 2011 at 7:02 PM

    Such nice polite boys, they were. Except for that Joey. He had such a smart little mouth on him.


  4. been a fan since the 90's. site is really cool too. thanks for the music through the years guys! - jd, li, ny

  5. Woah, since the beginning! We tend to exist in a vacuum - so it's always nice to hear from the outside. Thanks! Anonymous, eh? Sounds like a French last name...

  6. You know Don, I guess some folks get intimidated by that drop down menu when you try to post.. almost had me stumped for a while...

    1. That's a Blogger thing intended to discourage spambots and the like... I have nothing to do with that. If I did I would surely go in there and pull out the anonymous option - and edit the drop down so that it was clear you didn't need to include a URL with your name. But alas, I don't have the programmer chops to fool with such things above my m├ętier.

  7. me, the hack, the jack....

    Because I am a hack
    The jack
    The pack of the super act
    And don't 4get it lacks
    The enormous stack
    Missing the flack
    slack, knack

    My reason of being
    I lost my mind
    And it corrodes my time
    Like rum n coke with lime....

    And I expect the chance
    Of a conclusion in ur union
    Therefore the contusion
    Of the past
    is a pain in my ass...

    life is not my dilemma
    its the strength of my
    more than ever and ever and ever
    and i regret
    the swift lick
    like a kick
    to taste the juices
    of the kiss
    I will never miss....