Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Daisy House - Superman (the video!)

If you follow this blog (you do, don't you? Please tell me you do...) you've probably seen the posts where we've announced Daisy House (a Long Beach, California folk-rock band consisting of Tatiana and Doug Hammond) covered a couple of Out Of Bodies tunes - firstly, Dan's "Willow" and then more recently, "Superman".

Well, we're quite happy to announce that they've just released their third album, "Western Man", which features BOTH of those songs - and they've even made this video for "Superman" for you all to enjoy! Discernible ears will pick up that both "Willow" and "Superman" are slightly different mixes than the versions we've previewed on!...


Like a song from long ago
like a love letter
Like a swan the summer goes
like a superman…..

Life's a song that can't go wrong
Do you remember when
you'd go, wherever you'd want to go my friend…Superman?

The life you know is on the go
like no other
Like a lovely summer ghost
like a superman…..

Life's a song that don't last long
there's no time to pretend
so go, wherever you want to go, my friend Superman

Like a robin on the wing
with no master plan
just Go…wherever you want to go again….Superman, superman.

Life’s a song that don't last long la la la laaa
life’s a song that don't last long
life’s a song that don't last long
life’s a song that don't last long 

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  1. Is'nt that an amazing song and video ? and just think even though I wrote the main verse it was Donal'd idea fro that backwards beginning when he a special video out of it so in actually the song is written by me , Donald and Daisy House , what a collaberation , Ha Ha !!!