Monday, December 21, 2020

Green Tangerine - The Prequel

Some nice feedback regarding our latest OOB Blog posts featuring "ultra rare and priceless" finds from the (ahem!) Capitol Records collection - including my sis, Becky who told me Dan sounds like Mick Jagger! I was reminded also that way before "Green Tangerine" was an OOB Blog post it was the background song for this animated cartoon of Dan's... The Origin of his Ka Ka Cat!... ENJOY!





Cartoon and Music by Dan Banic, added sound effects and editing by Donald Jefferes

Friday, December 18, 2020

A near encounter with a naked old man

Opened my front door this wintery morning and my peripheral vision picked up a brief yet unmistakable image of an old man scampering down the block, sideways like a crab, diving into bushes and disappearing behind a snowdrift... he might've also been naked, I'm sort of trying to block out that part.

As I stepped out from my doorway I almost tripped on a box he had left at my door. At closer inspection I discovered, aside from a few back issues of Juggs Magazine, it was a box of old 45rpm records - and a note which read "My wife will no longer allow me to keep these in the house. I've heard you might be interested - please do not throw out as I might be encouraged to scour through your trash and take 'em back! Please - they are yours now... ENJOY them as I used to my younger days. Signed, Old Man".


The most bizarre discovery in this collection of random records (we'll just forget about the magazines, shall we?) was an ULTRA RARE and priceless record from The Out of Bodies, Green Tangerine! Apparently aside from being completely insane this old man had taste! I must tell Dan about this!

(Click below to hear the songs)

Green Tangerine

Cowboy Snippet

More extremely rare and priceless finds coming SOON! Stay tuned!



Monday, December 14, 2020

Another Out Of Bodies RARE 45rpm - Capitol Records



Hey, would you look at THAT!! Yet ANOTHER extremely RARE and priceless find! Gee, they seem to be falling out of the sky, now - don't they? Well - here's two great tracks of Dan's - The "Boogah Boogah Song" backed with "Come Out & Play"! 

(Click below to hear the songs)

Boogah Boogah Song

Come Out & Play

More extremely rare and priceless finds coming SOON! Stay tuned!


Saturday, December 12, 2020

Out Of Bodies RARE 45rpm - Capitol Records


Oh - - if only!! Gee, what a cheap way to get Blogger hits with a title like that! (I'm sorry!)

Still, enjoy this (ahem!!) extremely RARE and PRICELESS find... "Crazy Boy", featuring Joe Vento, Dan Banic and Donald Jefferes... backed with "All Over Now" an even rarer audio track salvaged from the cutting room floor during the filming of the Out Of Bodies documentary "Let Me Pee" - their last ever jam session.

(Click below to hear the songs!) 

(Watch Out For That) Crazy Boy 

All Over Now


More to come as we continue to dig through the archives! Stay tuned, friends!


Thursday, December 10, 2020

'Tis that time again!


'Tis that time where it is somewhat acceptable to say the word 'Tis and get away with it! Yes, we're talking Christmas Time, folks! Immediate households only, please! Let's face it - we can barely stand the sight of each other, much less the thought of all those germs! No thank you!

But I digress - what sort of Holiday Spirit is THAT? Let's think about the GOOD things, shall we?

Family... Friends...

...and ventriloquist dummies...

Wait a second... WHAT?...
Anyway, make sure to drop by our
Out Of Bodies Holiday Page
and have yourself a wonderful time!!!
God Bless Us All... Every ONE!!!

Monday, December 7, 2020