Saturday, January 17, 2015

I See Dead People (mostly on the weekends)

Just added to the Out Of Bodies site in Ponderings, check out Joe's latest entry, "I See Dead People (mostly on the weekends)" - - and make sure to leave your lights on!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jzero's Sketchbook

Just in case you were really, really bored - and had nothing to look at on the internet... I did a website once and threw some cartoons of mine up on there... called it Jzero's Sketchbook, for lack of a better name. Jzero was my screen name at the time, and everyone was using screen names back then - so it seemed natural. Anyway, just took another look at it and considered scraping the whole thing and starting over somehow with a new one - maybe a blog... I dunno. Just sort of thinking aloud right now. I really don't have the time. You see? Now I'm thinking about THAT! Sigh!!.....

Sunday, January 4, 2015

PS I Love You

Out of all the Out Of Bodies tracks this is the one which perhaps surprises me the most... like many of our 4-Track recordings this is one that Dan brought to my house unfinished - Dan asked me to do the lead vocal, which I did (one take if I remember, no do-overs!) and then we moved onto something else. It was still pretty raw, and still unfinished. It was what Dan did to it when he got it back to his house that was surprising...

He added his background vocals and a happy, jingly-sounding keyboard track that gave it a whole different feel and sound than anything I was expecting - rather than just being a straight forward Beatles cover it was now something that was quite different than that... Dan made it "his"...

This quickly became my wife's most favorite Out Of Bodies track - she likes it better than the one done by that guy that made it famous - what's his name? Oh yeah, Paul McCartney!! heh heh heh!!

Anyway, I've always wanted to make this into a video for YouTube, and I finally got my chance - hope you like it as much as we do!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Teeth (starring Chompy) - The Comedy of Lloyd & Donald

Well, if you've visited this blog in the past few weeks you'll know about my newest project - and that's to sift through the OOB archives and digitize some long lost music and comedy recordings from a seemingly endless pile of cassette tapes. My mission, so far, has been somewhat successful - but it's not without it's distractions. Take the comedy tapes, for example... it would be easy enough, I guess, to do a straight cassette to mp3 transfer without any alterations - but my OCD tendencies and my self-imposed rule about only presenting any OOB product the best way I can tend to intervene - and so I get caught up in correcting all the inherent flaws one comes across when dealing with aging magnetic tape. That's to say nothing of me not being able to be patient enough to work offline for weeks on end, and present it all to the website at one time - - noooo! Like a kid eager to tear into his Christmas gifts I end up presenting dribs and drabs here in the OOB Blog!

Well, at least it shows I'm enthusiastic about something, eh? Well, here goes yet ANOTHER silly improvisational bit created by Lloyd and myself - a skit that was labeled, almost too simplistically to be trusted, as "Teeth" (starring Chompy)!!

I still don't know, after all these years, if "Chompy" (a character you'll know all about, soon enough) is supposed to be a man or a woman - he's referred to as BOTH ways throughout the skit - I don't think Lloyd or I realized it at the time. There's also a fair amount of the F-word in this bit - so be aware of any impressionable types within earshot when listening. Other than that I don't know what to say except buckle your seat belts! Heh heh heh!! Enjoy... and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!