Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The mystery of the strange man with the light weight trunk

And now it's time for yet another Out Of Bodies mystery (courtesy of my pal, Dan Banic... who is FULL of unsolved mysteries!!)...

I don't know where to begin here except to say I have no idea what this song of Dan's is about. Something about a Chinese man carrying a light weight trunk handing out candy to little children... wha-WHAAAAT???

Dan also made this little video, which similarly creeps the bejeezuz outta me. I'm not sure why, but it might have something to do with that awful attempt at a Chinese accent Dan does when the character in the song is handing out candies... "Here's some candy for you too - everybody get candy! Ooooh, I didn't leave you out! Here's candy for YOUUUUUU TOOOOOO!!!!"

Then there's the subtle mix-ups which I can only assume were non-intentional - where the song references a Chinese monk, but then mentions Japan? And that part that goes "I'm so sorry-NARA!" (Sayonara) - that's Japanese for "goodbye" isn't it? And what's in that light weight trunk? What frightens me even more is that I'm even spending a minute pondering this!

Oh, I'm so Confucious!!....

Anyway..... enjoy.... I think.......


  1. ...dear god in heaven, if you really exist and can hear my prayer...PLEASE LET ME UNHEAR THIS!!!!

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  3. Ha HA , one of my favorite songs I ever did , I am so proud of this song , the chinese character was imitation of Tony Randall's Chinese character in the movie "Seven Face Of Doctor Lao" where he acted and talk just like that. The mixing of Chinese & Japanese words and culture was a word play in a poetic way to combine the 2 countries because they always had bitter disputes against each other through the centuries and I was making a song of peace for both and to show how really connected they really are but the main reason I'm really proud of this song , it was one of my few songs that I was actually doing a early Hary Nillson poetic story song , that's why I talked in the song to make it sound like a story track for a film , it was recorded really good where the vocal was way up on the mix but pounding drums and back instruments still sounded loud up with the mix , it's very hard to mix a talking vocal with a backing music track because the backing track will lose it's power when mixed down to make way for the dialogue , but it worked with this one. Also The Storybook 2 CD which has all melodic songs on it was good to have this song as a break in monotony of of all the melodic music. I am very grateful that I got all my CDs back after losing them but man , I don't have Storybook 2 , that CD really had some awesome songs I di including "All The Angels Sing Along" which was my masterpiece. Hopefully Donald or Joe can find that CD , the public really need to here that album.

  4. I don't have it, that's for sure - but didn't you upload that Storybook 2 album of yours to one of those music sites? I could'a sworn you did...

    ...but let's get back to that Chinese guy... did you HAVE to do that Jerry Lewis, way over the top, Coke-bottle glasses, buck-toothed, Joe Jitsu-sounding...

    1. Yeah , all my albums were uploaded to that website that was taken down , remember ?. I also know for a fact that Joe has it , it's just that he has find it in all his boxes. You definatly was sent a copy years back becsue you mentioned you love "All The Angels Sing Along" to me and I remember sending it , it's just mayby it wasn't destroyed in your accident in the attic or mayby it was , who knows.

    2. Ha Ha , I had to do it that way , that's how Tony Randall did it in the movie.

    3. Dan, you're going to be SO HAPPY - I found a stash of cassettes thought lost for good and I'm going through them one by one - I actually FOUND "Man With A Light Weight Trunk" among other great finds, and I'm in the process of digitizing them now! Check out the most recent blog entry!