Monday, December 8, 2014

One Game Leads To Another

Was talking with a friend the other day about the good old days of the video game arcades. This instantly brought up memories of playing at one of the most bizarre places on Earth, Adventurer's Inn - which is now just a faint whisper in the wind blowing down the road on Linden Place, just off the Whitestone Expressway in Flushing, NY. Then, ironically (almost magically) I came across a recording that my buddy Lloyd had made while I was digging through my cassette archives tonight - an ode to those glorious days, and our #1 biggest arcade game obsession - Popeye!

Lloyd took the Fixx song "One Thing Leads To Another" and turned it into a song about our inability to walk away from the Popeye arcade game and called it "One Game Leads To Another"... anyone who remembers being as fixated with that one-eyed freak as much as we were will find themselves humming this song when they least expect it... enjoy!!

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