Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Way Home

Still trying to teach myself a little video editing, and not doing half as good as I'd like to (imagine, they sell this software WITHOUT instruction booklets!)... but I managed THIS (and that's not too bad, eh?) Dug deep into the Out Of Bodies archives and found this little "wheezer" track that Lloyd and I patched together. The guitars sound a little out of tune, but that may just be collateral damage caused by the cruder than crude way we recorded it... rotating cassettes in a double deck "boom box" recorder, adding chintzy overdubs via a mix microphone. Yeah, I know, ludicrous... but it was all we had. I'd like to think that if someone like George Martin saw what we were doing that he'd at least give us an "E" for effort... I mean, BEFORE he threw us out on our asses...

Anyway, this is Lloyd singing - and I think we were both playing guitars - influenced by Bob Seger's "Night Moves"? Hmm... maybe at the one part when Lloyd goes... eh, you'll hear it... ENJOY!!

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