Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The OOBs Win BEST SONG Alternative Pop Rock 2021 at IndieMusicPeople.com


I should really pay more attention to these things... apparently the Out Of Bodies have WON BEST SONG Alternative Pop Rock 2021 at IndieMusicPeople.com - and we've been awarded our first Golden Kayak for "On and On" - To think that a little impromptu warm-up recording we did in Dan's cramped bedroom in the Bronx on Ollinville Road - so many years ago - could somehow find life anew and cut through all the clutter and get noticed today - that was... well, UNEXPECTED to say the least!

Various internet stations took the time to leave us notes... 
The PICNIC station wrote "reminds me of a Beatles outtake maybe, or The Kinks, poppy, catchy concoction, musical and fun - kudos..."
SMILE ABOUT IT wrote "enjoy the musicality, and quite c-a-t-c-h-y chorus, who doesn't understand "on and on", and the repetition is strangely liberating, neat backing vocals also, recalls the 60s in exuberance and pop simplicity, kudos..."

TERRY TONER, Radio Southland wrote "Congratulations to the OOB on your award win - wonderful news - from Terry T :-) - longtime supporter of OOB - New Zealand - lemonade all around - all the best for many more :-))))
To be fair it's easy to see why last year's nominee picks got lost in the rubble - as the site crashed during a routine maintenance procedure which left it almost completely inoperable for several months - and it happened just around the same time they began announcing their Golden Kayak winners. Good news is that they've apparently worked out their site bugs and are back online - and bleary-eyed musicians everywhere are returning to their pages to find, as I did, whether or not they've won any categories. Best Song Alternative Pop Rock on our first go around - what a nice surprise - and it's a song that features Dan, Mark and myself... can't wait to tell the other fellas...

In addition to our win we've been nominated for several other songs which caught their attention, "Roses", "In The South Bronx", "Mirror Land", "Willow" and "Mashed Potato"...


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