Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Origins of Oogie

If you don't know who Uncle Floyd is then stop reading this RIGHT NOW!! But wait - not before I add ...SHAME ON YOU!! Okay, NOW you can stop...

But if you DO know who Uncle Floyd is then you might be interested to know that he has an online streaming podcast on Facebook - Uncle Floyd Radio, and he usually broadcasts on monday nights around 8pm or so. Don't expect the old Uncle Floyd Show with Oogie and the gang, because it's a completely different thing - but what you CAN expect is free-form, unscripted banter - and he encourages call-ins - so if you're not radio shy (as I am) you can call in and speak to Floyd and his moderator Joe Lemire.
It streams live from the Uncle Floyd Radio Facebook page and that's where I texted in my question last week. Floyd and Joe were talking to Kathy (a regular caller, always cheerful) and they were on the subject of their favorite Christmas gifts. I've always wondered about the origins of Floyd's puppet pal from the old TV show, so I decided to sort of crow bar the question into the conversation. Joe read the question on-air and Floyd answered. I, of course, knew Oogie wasn't something placed under Floyd's Christmas tree - but it was a good way to finally hear the answer for myself.

Check out the clip above to hear it for YOURSELF!! That is, if YouTube hasn't pulled it yet - - which they tend to do with some fan videos... so be QUICK about it - - and enjoy!!


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