Friday, August 14, 2020

WOW Comix


Heyyyyyyy, somebody beat us to it!! The dirty BASTARDS!!
(thanks, Lloyd, for bringing this to my attention)

Okay, so before *OUR* WOW Comics there was a WOW Comics... you think that made a difference to two kids in Elementary School who saw a vision of greatness in their own minds? Apparently not - and besides, our WOW Comics had something THEIR WOW Comics didn't have - and that was our two heroes, Spooky and Supersnooper!

Did it matter that the names Spooky and Supersnooper were ALSO out there already in some way? HEY, DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE!!!

From WOW Comics 1976

Lloyd reminded me - something I had completely forgotten about - that even THIS 1976 rendition of our WOW Comics was NOT the first! Apparently YEARS before that while in Elementary School (yes, we go way back) we had created a version utilizing loose leaf and carbon paper, with each issue sporting a hand-colored cover - - like THIS!!...

An early version of our WOW Comics
How's THAT for rare, eh? Imagine finding one of THESE in your mother's attic! PRICELESS!!!

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