Friday, May 1, 2020

Mailman Blues

Oh fer cryin' out loud - ANOTHER video? I mean - YES... another video!! Pulled out of the rubble, here's a rare, previously unreleased wheezer track for you to enjoy! This time it's the OOBs performing an impromptu version of "Mailman (Bring Me No More Blues)" - which was, to our ears at the time, an unreleased Beatles recording that really didn't get much exposure until The Beatles Anthology - Volume 3. We were always digging pretty deep into the Beatles unreleased material, being avid bootleg enthusiasts - finding little gems such as "Daddy's Little Boy" and "Suzy Parlor".

Mailman Blues, as we called it, never did get the 4-track treatment it deserved - but it did somehow end up getting recorded late one night on boom box - and video tape as well - although the snippet of it featured here looks like it went through a nuclear blast. As awful as it looks, however, it still offers a peek into what some of these impromptu recording sessions looked like - when a guitar found it's way into Dan's hands. Just three guys in an attic bedroom in a little town called College Point, New York. Lyrics? We don't need no stinkin' lyrics!



Glen's friends are mean.


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