Thursday, April 9, 2020

Coronavirus Schmorovirus 2!!

Whoever coined the phrase "There's no better audience than a CAPTIVE audience" probably wasn't talking about a killer virus pandemic - but since we're on the subject, whaddya say we just make the BEST of this mess - turn off the news, forget all the madness going on right now and watch MORE (that's right, I said MORE) of the Dick Bones Show!

After THAT you can go back to whatever it was you were doing - staring at the same old repeats on TV, seeing the same old commercials over and over again, pacing back and forth from the couch - to the toilet - to the fridge - to the couch... let's face it - The Dick Bones Show is probably going to be the HIGHLIGHT of your evening - so just get to it!!

Send your hate mail, I mean, leave your comments on his YouTube page! I'm sure it'll make his day too! Maybe he'll enjoy your comments so much he'll share it with the girl he's got down there in his basement pit! Lord knows she could use a laugh!

So stay safe! Enjoy some laughs - and try not to soil yourself! There's a toilet paper shortage, ya know!


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