Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Out of Bodies Unsolved Mysteries - Part Two

The Haunted Toy Robot
submitted by Mark DeGross

Consider for your disapproval... Upon my 54th birthday, I received a parcel from my Brother. I eagerly opened the package to find the iconic Lost in Space 'B-9' robot, from the classic sci-fi space series. Standing at 11" tall, once a button on its side is pressed, its lights flash and it utters several familiar phrases- "Warning!..warning!!" "Danger!!" "That does not Compute", and a few others. I decided to leave it boxed and placed it with the rest of my collectibles of my boyhood memories...

...and then it started...

...about a year later, the lights started to randomly flash anywheres from 5 to 10 minutes automatically, with no button push assistance... occurring quite often! Thinking maybe it was an ominous signal that my brother was in trouble, I had contacted him to see if all was okay with him, in which we shared a laugh over my haunted B-9. So now I think that maybe the spirit of Bob May, the robot's operator, who passed a few years ago is reacting with the toy..I only know one thing for sure... if it begins to talk on its own as well, I'll CRAP MY PANTS!!!...


*Disclaimer: No button was pushed, crack pipes smoked or magic mushrooms consumed in the making of this video.

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