Saturday, October 15, 2016

23 Cases of Walking Pneumonia Can't Be Wrong!

The New York World's Fair (1964/1965) Gathering
Joey Vento 

The World's Fairest FALL Gathering took place [October 9th] and we were treated to something very special! We entered and explored a place that the general public has not seen in decades....the old New York World's Fair Post Office 64/65!! This had been in the works for some time and Diane and i couldn't believe it actually happened. First, we want to thank EVERYONE who came out on a wonderfully blustery and rainy day. Your determination amazes me!

We made many new friends, and of course, our group has the most sweetest and loving people around! Thanks to Meira Berkower of the Parks Dept for assisting us and arranging the whole thing in such a fantastic manner! The guys inside the Post Office were just delighted that we were there, probably wondering why we would all stare intensely at a cinder block wall for 20 mins....they let us take our time and answered questions about the current use of the building, which is now the Queens Storehouse.

We saw remnants of the 2nd roller rink which operated here in the mid-70s when the activities at NYS Pavilion ended. The elusive "murals" were right above our heads when we walked in, even though we were told they were long since gone...Charlie Aybar had painted these when he worked here at the rink....pale yellow and beige paint still could be seen on the floor, remnants Charlie told me of the laminate used to coat the surface. This place was amazing!

The 9 foot high ramp for Fairgoers that suspended them to observe mail operations during 64/65 was long gone however, but the catwalks are still there, now loaded with boxes of paint, Park clothes and signage. During the early 70s, poisonous barrels of DDT were moved here from the NYS Pavilion, and remained for 2 years until they were buried elsewhere. The ceiling revealed red, white and blue rafters which might be Post Office colors, no one seems to know and the cinder block walls are painted "festive"....more of Charlie's work. It was one of the greatest days the group ever had!! I wish more of you could have seen this. Perhaps one day, we'll return.

We could not check out the Singer Bowl happenings because of the rain, but we'll be back for that. Thanks Alan Sherman for assisting us too in contacting "the right people"!! The day ended at Airline Diner with a great meal, great friends and thank you Dino for putting the World's Fairest Bronto Burger on the menu!! Ask for it by name!!!

Hope to see you all at Haunted Barn's Surprise All Hallows Eve Show October 22 and we'll see all of you once again at our spring gathering. You guys are simply the best!!!

Joey, Diane, and Jessica Rose.


  1. It's True!! It's all True I tells ya!!!

  2. Wonderful Day at the Fair, my first outing!!! Thank You for your kindness in accepting me into the group ~ looking forward to future adventures with The World's Fairest Gathering Group!!!