Friday, June 12, 2015

Daisy House covers The Out Of Bodies' Willow!

This is a first!! Someone actually did a cover of an Out Of Bodies song!! That's never been done before!! Listen to Daisy House and their cover of "Willow"!! I think they did a wonderful job... embellishing upon, completing, and generally adding new life into this Out Of Bodies track!! ...

You can also download "Willow (Daisy House Cover)" here  - do a right click/save link as, and it's yours.

Daisy House is a Folk-Rock duo from Long Beach, CA featuring Tatiana Hammond on vocals/guitar and Doug Hammond on guitar, bass, vocals and keys. Cover girl by Alle Dicu.

Their eponymous debut album is up now on Bandcamp at:

Doug and Tattiana Hammond of Daisy House
Everyplace is free
free enough to live
I just saw the lightning on the willow
Roses are so green
green enough to give
All I want's my blanket and a pillow

Morning is the eve
painted up for free
have you heard the singing of the willow?
Haunted is the wind
weeping thru the trees
Wind is for the singing of my Willow
la la la lalala la la
everybody lives inside a Willow

Children up the street
sleep through all the years
Dreamers should be up to push the pillow

...or to kiss the girl
laughing is so free
Little kisses for the baby Willow

fly across the sea
skip across the lakes
Tinderboat desire all a'billow

Multi-colored sand
mountains over deep
they just want their baby colored willow
la la la lalala la la
everybody lives inside a Willow

...and just in case you were curious, here's Dan's original 4-track take...
Willow - The Out Of Bodies

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