Saturday, April 4, 2015

Even MORE songs!! An early Easter basket!!

As if all the new site additions announced last week weren't enough - - here are a few MORE new songs that will soon find their permanent spots on

ENJOY!!! - - and have a great Easter, everybody!!

Note: Click on the links below the pictures to hear the songs...

Such a LOT of fuss over such a stupid little song! Heh heh... this is actually one of those rare occasions where four OOBs appear on the same recording... started out with Dan, Joe and myself - and then later Lloyd and I added a chorus. It seemed fitting to blow it all up at the end...

A terrific "lost" gem I discovered while wading through the archives... this is Dan at his poetic best... telling the tale of a feared giant who becomes missed after he packs his bags and leaves...

I saved the best for last... this song had me laughing so hard and you'll see why... no matter how many times Joe and I sang the name of the song correctly - Dan kept singing pull-a-dicky circus (or something like that) and I DON'T think he was trying to do it on purpose! Heh heh... anyway, this is one of those wonderful boom box recordings that never got finished to 4-track - and so I souped it up a bit in post and I think it worked out great! It will have you smiling!

Stick around, folks! There's more to come, I'm sure!! 

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  1. Oh man I was on the floor , I forgot about this one we did. I did'nt know what you guys were singing about so I picked my own words, also I was playing so many chords on this one I had to concentrate on not messing up , Ha Ha !!!