Monday, February 23, 2015

Dan Ban and The Setting Sun

This is for my buddy Dan... 

The other night I was listening to one of the CDs he made for me, which included solo Dan material - and I came across "The Setting Sun"... a simple, folksy tune of his which immediately prompted me to create this video for it...

I hope you like what I've done, Dan - put it on your Facebook page - add it to your music download sites - promote the crap out of yourself - and when you become rich and famous, just invite me to your pool every now and then and remind your servant to keep those Sangrias coming!!

Now, for our visitors - if you enjoyed this, make sure to check out Dan's other solo recordings, including one of his most recent endeavors, Dan Ban - Storybook Vol 1 on broadjam. You can listen for free, but more importantly I hope you decide to buy! He can also be found on iTunes, Amazon, and spotify.

Oh yes, and if you just happen to be a big wig in the music industry looking for an unsigned artist - then keep in mind you can contact Dan directly on his Facebook page! Pay no attention to the Rene Zellweger photo albums and his tributes to Susan Dey... the man's a little obsessed, but he's one helluva talented musician!!!


  1. WOW , could'nt have done it any better, great video job. I'm loading this baby on my YouTube channel, Ha Ha !!! Love the part when I'm pointing to the rainbow!!! Joe took that pic when I visited him this year and we saw that rainbow, it was huge even though the photo doesn't pick it up so well. I was so relieved to hear this song because I know it's from my "All Rise CD" which has really great songs that I really am proud of. I'm glad to know you still got the copy. Keep up the good work and waiting for more !!!

  2. Dan, when I get around to it I plan on adding links on the Out Of Bodies "Sides" page directing visitors to your solo music download pages!! Stay tuned!!