Sunday, January 4, 2015

PS I Love You

Out of all the Out Of Bodies tracks this is the one which perhaps surprises me the most... like many of our 4-Track recordings this is one that Dan brought to my house unfinished - Dan asked me to do the lead vocal, which I did (one take if I remember, no do-overs!) and then we moved onto something else. It was still pretty raw, and still unfinished. It was what Dan did to it when he got it back to his house that was surprising...

He added his background vocals and a happy, jingly-sounding keyboard track that gave it a whole different feel and sound than anything I was expecting - rather than just being a straight forward Beatles cover it was now something that was quite different than that... Dan made it "his"...

This quickly became my wife's most favorite Out Of Bodies track - she likes it better than the one done by that guy that made it famous - what's his name? Oh yeah, Paul McCartney!! heh heh heh!!

Anyway, I've always wanted to make this into a video for YouTube, and I finally got my chance - hope you like it as much as we do!

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