Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Royd's release their debut album, Royd Rage!

Hey friends, please check out (and purchase) my nephew Andrew's debut album, The Royd's "Royd Rage", now available for download at theroyds.bandcamp.com Share it, pass it around, shout about it - I was very much impressed with their sound - my personal favorite song being "Rebound Girl"... reminded me a bit of something Mike Nesmith might've done with The Monkees, sort of... kind of... but the many sounds on their album here (while no doubt influenced by many) is very much their own. I was drawn into all their songs immediately, and with each listen I notice something else that makes me smile... and there's a sense of humor on there too - I almost spit out my coffee when I heard "My Boots Give Me Street Cred" and "Divinity Of Mr. Johansen"... those silly guys... oh, and "The Park Is Closed" - I wonder how many people besides myself have caught THAT innuendo!

Jump back a few months from now... I was happily surprised when Andrew and Robb asked me to do their cover art, asking (almost apologetically) "really? You know my style, right?" and Andrew answered flatly "yeah, that's what we want!" - so I was really glad when after sending the fellas the art Andrew called it "brilliant" - that was really quite nice!! The guys already had a color scheme worked out in their heads, and they knew exactly what they were looking for.

The finished album cover.

Thanks guys for helping bring me out of a sort of lazy, somewhat semi-retirement - it seems to be a nice match to the album's contents and I'm already envisioning it on promo cards and t-shirts!... this was a great experience and I think you guys are really going to get some really cool feedback!!....

The pencil sketch. 

Incidentally, Andrew's other band "Swear To Me" just played Mulcahy's last night - sorry I missed it, I will have to catch you guys the next time!

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