Friday, October 11, 2013

Oh the HUMANITY!!!

Like those movies where someone wakes up from a nightmare only to find himself in ANOTHER nightmare - apparently I'm stuck in a similar vortex... just noticed one day recently that the YaHoo Media Player stopped working. No warning - no notices from YaHoo - just went to look at the Out Of Bodies music page and noticed all the little yellow play buttons were missing. That was just the beginning of a series of ongoing nightmares.

In the following days every message board on the internet which announced a "fix" turned out to be a temporary tease - as YaHoo seemingly yanked their player pages altogether, throwing millions of music pages, blogs and other media pages into a flaming heap of OH NOOOO!!!...

Now this has happened once briefly before only to resurrect itself without explanation - but I smell long term abandonment this time, don't ask me why. YaHoo, once the king of the internet could very well be headed straight for the shitter this time - so what do I do? Do I scramble around for an alternative music player script, or do I wait things out - like our own partial government shut-down - and hope somebody out there has a brain - a sense of decency - some compassion! Do I wait for the powers to be at YaHoo to walk into their offices one morning, hoping they decide to flick their switch back on? Or are they all too busy throwing nooses over their ceiling fans? I don't know.

I know I'm not the only one out there stuck in this very same conundrum... just as in every story about the beginnings of a zombie apocalypse, I'm the guy who creeps out of his basement with his transistor radio - desperately hoping to catch another news report about his chances of survival. Until then, until they find a cure - the Out Of Bodies music page will no longer play non-stop streaming Out Of Bodies radio - - but instead play one selected song at a time. No fancy player, just your default - and you'll have to hit "back" each time just to return to the music page.

Any techies out there with helpful alternative solutions, I'm all ears...


  1. Update: Okay, it's not exactly what I wanted but I DID get the player working again using another script I found... it's not without one annoying drawback - click on the arrows it works pretty much like it should - playing through the song list, click on the song title it leaves the page and uses your computer's player - playing just the one you selected. Still unresolved, as I've just discovered, is the fact that even the good folks at Google have removed THEIR links to the player I've embedded elsewhere on the site - particularly the OOB History page... another problem I've got to fix - I just CAN'T WIN I tell ya!!!

  2. Update (October 20, 2013): Remember I mentioned that nightmare, only to wake up from it and find yourself in ANOTHER nightmare? Well..... just as I had predicted - my website "fix" (notice the quotes!!) turned out to be ANOTHER short-lived solution - as the source of THAT new-found script was unceremoniously pulled - rendering the Out Of Bodies music player, once again, useless...

    Soooo.... I'm back to square one again it seems. Frustrating too - because I had planned on uploading some more tunes that Dan just recently uploaded to his Facebook page - - a handful of really nice demos with catchy harmonies...

    Again, any webmaster techies out there with knowledge of replacements for embedded website MP3 players - please don't hesitate to contact me! Throngs of anxious Out Of Bodies fans need your help!!