Friday, December 21, 2012

The Royds

I've never asked my nephew Andrew about the name of that band he's in, and he's never asked about the Out Of Bodies. It's probably best that way, not to get up all in his business and one thing he doesn't need to hear about is some old hippy dippy band that "might've" existed in the 90s before his wisdom teeth came in. But he's a clever kid so I think I'm safe to assume "The Royds" may be a loose reference to meteoroids, his band's logo being of one hurling towards a dinosaur... perhaps suggesting some heady awareness that, like the dinosaurs, we're all just a meteor away from being extinct. Perhaps it's also a statement of the types of musicians they're influenced by - the old timers from a different era such as The Beatles, Hendrix, Clapton and so on...

Then there's that other theory I have that The Royds simply refer to hemorrhoids...

Meet The Royds:
Robb Hall - Guitar/Lead Vocals, Matt Shea - Bass/Backing Vocals
and Andy Jefferes - Drums/Backing Vocals

Made temporarily semi-homeless by Hurricane Sandy a month ago my wife Lori and I (and our two cats) were taken in by my brother Paul and his lovely wife Joan, while we waited out the storm with their two boys Douglas and Andrew. It was sometime during our stay when I spontaneously asked Andrew to play "anything from the Nightmare Before Christmas" - I thought I was throwing him an impossible curve ball - he answered with a few chords from "Sally's Song" which I began to sing. Then it got awkward and we both decided to stop before it got any worse.

This might've been the most interaction between a member of The Royds and a former member of the Out Of Bodies - as the most I'd usually get when visiting would be a nod and a mumble ("howzitgoinn...") and it's off he goes with a few friends down into the basement - only to be followed by these sounds emanating through the kitchen floor. It does me proud to see that unlike the fellas I know, these guys may actually go somewhere - - so please check out my nephew's band and tell him The Out Of Bodies sent you...

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