Sunday, January 1, 2012

Remembering Adventurer's Inn

Remember Adventurer's Inn? That surreal, almost dreamlike amusement park (now long gone) that still resides in the subconscious minds of many who have been there? Well, the OOBs do - and here are some remembrances culled from the Out Of Bodies archives - set in motion by Donald's dentist when he innocently commented...

"what a well done website!
a tribute to a better(?) time. does anyone remember golf city and adventurer's inn?

- toothman68

The Batman slide.

Lloyd remembers:
Adventurer's Inn was one of my favorite places in the world! My grandmother used to live in the apartment buildings right around the corner from AI, and she used to bring me there all the time. When I was in elementary school I had many a birthday party there (remember Don?!). As I got older, Adventurer's Inn grew with me! They kept expanding - from a kiddie park to a full blown amusement park (I believe they got a lot of their later attractions from New Jersey's Palisades Park, which closed around the time they expanded). Later, after High School, long after the amusement park was shut down, Don and I would go to the arcade at night and play Popeye and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! We got so good at the Popeye Arcade Game that we could play all night long on one quarter!

The Adventurer's Inn sign that sat atop the arcade.

Donald remembers:
Although the rides and restaurant closed around 1978 or so, the arcade remained open for at least another 10 years or so, I believe - and even though the concrete landing at the top of the arcade entrance way was sinking, and the circular mosaic design of the Adventurer's Inn Pirate was nearly obscured in a perpetual puddle of water - I can still remember visiting this place with fondness. I do actually recall at least one of Lloyd's birthday parties there, when the park and the rides were open - and regarding Lloyd as some type of celebrity. But the longest amount of time I've spent there in one stretch was in 1985 when the union at the company I had just started working for went on strike for three long months. I couldn't have been too worried... Instead of walking picket lines I spent much of that time plunking quarters at the arcade, being I lived just moments away in College Point. By the end of the strike I was a Popeye/Indiana Jones Master. I also vividly recall (much to my horror) one of the long term employees at the arcade who you'd get your quarters from. Lloyd and I nicknamed him "Quasi" (for his uncanny resemblance to Quasimoto). With his change belt straining around his enormous girth, Quasi would be the guy we'd have to contend with before playing our favorite video games. With our hands extended we'd patiently wait - as he'd pinch out one quarter at a time. This up close encounter was horrifying. Quasi's one eye would leer down at his belt, while the other was fixed on us. He would never speak, but his breathing would be loud and laborious. It took us every ounce of courage not to forget the whole deal and bolt for the doors.

The "Fligth To Mars" ride. Perhaps even more frightening than the ride itself, is the fact that someone spelled "flight" wrong - and then decided to just leave it like that.

Joe remembers:
Yeah, Adventurer's Inn was quite a place in the mid seventies, and you guys are right, it started to go downhill from there. Many of the rides, as Lloyd states, were leftovers from Palisades Park, but some were also from Coney Island and the garbage cans around the place were from the 1964 World's Fair, right down the road in fact!! I remember in it's later incarnation as an arcade, walking through with friends dressed in full ape make up and freaking out all the little kids!!!! The bad thing I remember is that giant cat-sized rats use to chase us back to the car when we left. Not fun!!! Regards to my old friend and fellow film guy Lloyd Goldfine, who, as a young zombie tried to kill me!!!

The bumper car ride - just before the bulldozer.

Remember Adventurer's Inn? Add YOUR comments...


  1. ‎...almost got thrown from the "mangler"..nearly got abducted by two girls out for a joy ride{we told you to get in the back seat} and played drummer for my friend at his party there....

  2. The front parking lot use to flood like crazy, in fact i never remember it being dry in that spot. There was also in later years, this crazy guy named Finster{at least thats what the kids called him} that use to yell out and sing "strangers in the night". I enjoyed it better of course as an amusement park, but look how boring the whole area is now. Queens is not the place it use to be...

  3. Man, what *is* it with you and running into unsavory characters that give you commands (Adventures Inn kidnappers--"We *TOLD* you to get in the back seat!!) The Jack-the-Puppet-Ripper in his apartment doorway at the end of his unlit hallway whose ad for a puppeteer assistant you answered and emphatically expressed that you 'come alone',but was chagrinned to see you come with a companion *anyways*--("I *TOLD* YOU TO COME ALONE!!!") insert scary, echoing apartment door slam here.

  4. Hey AnonyMark, I thought that too. I mean, all Lloyd and I had to contend with was Quasi - his dead eye and heavy breathing... but poor Joey and his near abductions, what's up with THAT? Joey, please tell me at least that they looked like Linda Rondstadt and Susan Dey back then - at least then it might be worth it. As for crazy Finster that sounds fairly frightening. He'd have to be singing pretty loud to be heard over the din of all those blaring video games. I think I would've remembered seeing him, but I'm glad I haven't!

  5. No...i can't tell you that Don. I later called them "the hill people". They were quite lovely and promising from the back, long dirty blond hair, shapely...but the front was another story.
    Did anyone ever see The She Creature?
    Years later i would return to the ruins of Adventure's Inn..sometimes with my family..and i would revisit that damm parking lot, smiling a little cause i knew i kept my dignity that terrible summer's night..but my thoughts drifting to those cavewomen..and the tears again..

  6. I remember being taken there when I was 8 or 10 and seeing a guy turn into a gorilla. Fortunately, he was behind bars. LOL It creepped the hell out of me then.

  7. Great info, I remember they also got some rides from Freedomland in the Bronx when it shut down.

  8. I worked there in 1969 on the flight to mars. A man named Ralph owned it. I used to wear a mask and scare people. I got fired for steeling tickets and giving them to friends (Tommy Rocco, Petie Infontino,Dennis Wurtz. George St. Rudy Uhle.
    Funny times

  9. Hey if that's Tommy, formerly of College Point Auto and Rocky's Grill - then he's a good buddy of mine! What a small world!

  10. when I was lil I was terrified of that stupid batman slide lol

  11. Yes, that was one ride I honestly thought I was going to die on! heh heh

  12. I loved Adventure's Inn as a child and teenager! It was my favorite place to go when I was growing up! I remember when I was very young as we walked into the park I would always think, This is "Adventure's Inn!" It's for adventurers - like me -or why else would my parents take me here?" :) I remember going with my family and our family bringing the neighbor's kids sometimes and later on going with friends from junior high school. When I was very young I used to love going on the "Tilt -A - Whirl." When I got older The "Fligth" to Mars," "the Scrambler" and the "Polar Express" were my favorite rides. I also seem to remember "the Spider" and "The Round Up." I remember the bumper cars. I seem to remember if not too many people were waiting in line, the attendants would give an extra long ride. I dont remember eating there that much except for cotton candy. I remember my dad always trying to win stuffed animals for me. For a short time my older sister was employed there as the girl who changed into a gorilla. I saw the act once, though I knew it was just an act, it was enough for me. I remember this guy standing nearby, he was much older than me. I was a kid and he was an older teenager. I remember when my sister "changed" into the gorilla, he almost ran out. I remember once being upset about something as a young teenager and my sister taking me there to cheer me up because she knew how much I loved it. I remember going to the arcade later on but I always wish it never closed. Great memories!

    1. Thanks for those great remembrances, Adrienne - I particularly enjoyed the part about the guy that almost ran out of the tent!! hah hah!!

  13. I just came across this blog , from another web site.
    I'm not sure if anyone is going to see this now ( 2016 ).
    I am proud to say I worked at adventures inn in 1969 -1970 or 71.
    I met many great people. ( workers and visitors to the park ).
    I worked the kiddie park area, the boat ride & the helicopters.
    I loved seeing the looks on the little kids. So many smiles.
    Working there I fell in love for the first time. ( young teenage love ).
    While I was working there I made friends with someone who now
    47 years later we are still best friends. Both married with grandchildren.
    Before the arcade closed, I would take my two sons to play pinball and
    Video games.
    Adventures Inn in Flushing NY is a very fond memory for me.
    I only wish I had taken pictures back then.
    Regards to all those who were teens at that time in College Point.
    A special shout out to Pam H. If you ever see this. From Rick A.

    1. Thanks Rick, yeah we see! Lots of fond memories at Adventurer's Inn! In 69-70 when you were working there I was just 8 or 9, but my school buddy Lloyd used to have his birthday parties there - so my earliest introduction to Adventurer's Inn probably didn't happen till I was about 14 or so. I do remember the Spook House, the Batman slide, and a terrifying ride that looked like an octopus which name alludes me at the moment - I think it's the first time I prayed to God! Years later, after the park closed but the arcade portion remained open I went even more - played Indiana Jones and The Popeye game till my legs went numb. Those were the days... Thanks for posting your memories, Rick! I am curious to know which other website lead you here...

  14. Denis...that gorilla was ME. Yeah, over the years ive come across a "mixed bag" of unsavory characters, some wanting to do harm, others, we'll just never know. Did I tell you about that guy in Walden book store in the 70s that was convinced that "my father owed his father..."a flavor""? Something about a debt of fudge ripple from 1966. Ill explain....