Sunday, September 25, 2011

Out Of Bodies' Strange but True! Stories of the bizarre, super natural, and vividly imagined!

To kick off this new addition to the OOB site here are a few stories culled from Joe's Facebook page. They're short little blurbs, not really stories - but some of these will definitely raise the hairs up on the back of your neck! Not all of the Out Of Bodies stories that we'll be featuring are scary - fact some are downright hilarious - and we'll be posting more of them as we go along. Very often one story reminds one of us of yet another one! You know how it is - kind of like we're all gathered around a campfire! So be prepared to be thoroughly entertained - or perhaps confused...

SCARY BUT TRUE STORY #3.....Dan Banic and I were para-normal investigators for a spell in the early night we get a neighbor is watching bottles of 7-up and Coke UNSCREWING themselves in her fridge and popping open...I VIDEOTAPED IT!!!!! Now you know why we need para-normal psycho therapy.

SCARY BUT TRUE STORY # 4....another neighbor told us that every night before she goes to bed, a little man can be seen sitting on her bedpost smiling at her. She said it was a little rabbi with a long beard...that's how she described him.
We never saw it even with a video camera left there all night{the woman was 70 ok} but tape recordings documented voices and the pitter-patter of little feet.

SCARY BUT TRUE STORY # 6...Dan Banic and i watch a meteor shoot RIGHT OVER OUR HEADS one sweltering summer night at 3am at my house....THEN we saw lit up in the night sky a huge devil-like face the size of a battleship, just watching us.

SCARY BUT TRUE STORY #9....1973...My aunt telephones my Mom in terror at 10:00pm...she just watched a man who looked like Jesus Christ walk right through her kitchen wall and reappear in the next room..smiling at her before vaporizing into thin air. On her death bed, she swore it was true and told us that now she would be going to find out...

SCARY BUT TRUE STORY #13...Dan Banic and I witness the "little elephant".
We were driving Dan home one late, late night in the Bronx..passing below the Bronx River Underpass when we saw a brightly lit, a small baby elephant...glowing.
When we turned round to backtrack and to take a photo, it was gone...

SCARY BUT TRUE STORY #12....I was one of 4 friends who saw something that to this day haunts my dreams and will always be the most incredible thing I've ever seen, if it's true... While returning from the funeral mass of our good friend Anna {she got hit by a bus on a street near my house and the accident scene was too much for anyone to take}...we went back to her Mom's house to help sort through stuff and to lock up and suddenly Anna comes walking down the stairs and tells us she is fine and we are all blessed. SCREAMING HORRORS!!!!! WE ALL SAW IT AND BROKE THE SCREEN DOOR DOWN TRYING TO ALL GET OUT OF THAT ROOM. I WILL NEVER FORGET IT ..AND TWO OF US STILL TALK ABOUT IT TO THIS DAY!!!!

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