Saturday, August 15, 2015

Daisy House covers the Out Of Bodies (again!)

Once again, finding inspiration whilst surfing through our music page, Daisy House did yet another cover version! Back in June, you might've heard, they did a great version of Dan's "Willow" - and THIS time around they've undertaken an even MORE impressive feat by taking "Superman" (which only lasts about 34 seconds) and created a trippy, beautifully harmonic blanket of sound lasting 2 minutes and 22 seconds! A nice surprise to us was some great harmonies they added - very reminiscent of the Mama's and Papa's!

For the full effect of illustrating just how Daisy House can take a tiny germ of a tune and grow it into something brilliant, just listen to our snippet first...

and then listen to the Daisy House cover...

Dan was eager to tell me the news, "Doug Daisy did it again, they covered "Like A Superman",
It's awesome. He filled in the other melody that was missing and added a Mama & Papas feel - plus he used the backwards parts as the key to the song more than once which was your idea in the first place when you did that backwards demo for me... so technically all 3 of us wrote this song, take a listen, it's a hit , Ha Ha!!!"

Just 10 or 12 more songs and they can put out an entire "Daisy House sings The Out Of Bodies!" album - like Harry Nilsson did with a mostly yet-to-be discovered Randy Newman! Wouldn't THAT be somethin'!!

ADDED Aug 16, 2015: For those of you who've asked on Facebook who Daisy House is, it's a LOT easier to just direct you all back here to the OOB Blog, where you can read an interview with Doug Hammond of Daisy House right here...


  1. "it keeps getting better and better..a tribute to our material"!

    ...Mr. Bouncy Bouncy & Son.

  2. Stay tuned for the Superman video promo which Doug will do himself , I told him where to get The Starman 3 DVD set from Amazon which the footage will be used and he will edit it with his daughter singing the track , it should be wild , Ha Ha !!!

    1. Really? Well, that sounds great, Dan - I would love to see that when it's done... I'll link it to the OOB website!!